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Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy

Jane Marla Ver Dow is a Farmer by roots, Teacher by degree, Physical Therapist by credentials, and Author by passion.

Born and raised on a fruit farm in Williamson, Jane is a storyteller by nature inspired by local stories, history, and nature’s mysteries and gifts. Anyone knowing the author would tell you her hobbies include storytelling, traveling and recording footsteps, and that she is most at home under a cherry or apple tree. Jane calls the Lake Ontario shoreline of Upstate New York home.

Dear Daisy is the author’s first novel inspired by and dedicated to her “adopted Grandmother” and friend, Daisy. Recent years Jane has devoted her time to writing nonfiction and publishing her works through Rising Sparrow Press, established 2003 by the author in the spirit and tradition of Early American Literature.

Dear Daisy Book design: 1960′s era (486 pg spiritual-nonfiction/hardcover).The author, a gifted storyteller invites the reader into her childhood shared under cherry and apple trees with her friend and “adopted” migrant Grandmother and friend, Daisy. As the story begins (1999), caught in a personal struggle of survival under conditions felt oppressive, Janie writes letters to Daisy. The 911 Holy War strikes between extremists of Nations. Before the dust settles, 10-28-01 brings world chaos personal.

The author speaks on timely issues of World violence; violence against children, bullying, child-teen-adult suicide; violence within churches and between religious-spiritual faiths.

For additional information about the Author and “Dear Daisy” contact the Author at or visit Author blogs: Storytellers and Writers or Lake Ontario Shoreline.

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